We and GWB

About We and GWB: Notes from the First Four Years

We and GWB is the first book to be published by Random Werewolf Press, a division of Clark Schpiell Productions.

When George W. Bush was elected President of the United States in November of 2000, the writers of the online humor magazine Clark Schpiell Productions played it off as a joke, initially writing satirical essays about a president who seemed bumbling, but mostly harmless. As his first term wore on, they slowly began to realize that this was not a joke -- this man was leading America down the wrong path, squandering the support of the world community and ignoring the basic human needs of the American people in favor of his own radical economic, social, religious and international ideologies. These same writers, who had spent the first two years of CSP's existence (1998 - 2000) writing poop jokes and drawing cartoons, began to write about the alarming political issues of GWB's presidency, and began to ponder, in bright HTML markup, what we could do to change things.

We and GWB: Notes from the First Four Years is a collection of those essays. It tells a story of a handful of generally non-political young people who awoke to find themselves a part of President Bush's downward American spiral. Because the essays were written as events unfolded, a reader can see the changing attitudes, unfolding disbelief, and growing outrage of these regular people as President Bush enacts his increasingly wrong-headed policies, leading us to war, economic feudalism and religious hedgemony. It's a story of raw emotion and, as the 2004 election comes to a climax, of bitter defeat, tempered by hope for the future.

This collection, edited by Nikki Lee and CSP founder and editor David Nett, featuring essays by David Nett, Jeremy Groce, Jeanette Scherrer, Jason Groce, Chad Schnaible, Craig Bridger, Rick Robinson, Michelle Magoffin and Eli Chartkoff, with commentary from David Nett, is a raw and real reminder of what went down in those first four years of the George W. Bush presidency.

We and GWB: Notes from the First Four Years (ISBN: 1411625285, 200pp., trade paperback, $12.99 suggested retail) is available through this site, as well as through Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble Online, and many other online and brick-and-mortar booksellers. Use this site to learn more about this book or, if you're already convinced of it's awesomeness, buy it here.



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